The official Streply library for the Laravel framework


The first step is to download the streply/streply-laravel package using the composer.

composer require streply/streply-laravel

Adding a service provider

Then add the Streply service definition to the config/app.php file in an array in the providers element.

'providers' => [

Catching errors

Once the service is defined, call the Streply\Exception method in the App/Exceptions/Handler.php file in the register method and pass the caught exception to it.

public function register()
    $this->reportable(function (Throwable $e) {
        try {
        } catch(\Exception $e) {}

In Laravel version lower than 8.*, you need to call Streply\Exception method in report method:

public function report(Throwable $exception)
    try {
    } catch(\Exception $e) {}



The final step is to add the configuration to the .env file using the streply-laravel:publish command.

php artisan streply-laravel:publish