Breadcrumbs are additional information you can add to any type of event.

The Streply/Breadcrumb method consists of 3 parameters:

function Breadcrumb(
    string $type,
    string $message,
    array $params = []
): void
  • (string) $type - Type of crumb
  • (string) $message - Crumb content
  • (array) $params - Parameters

Available crumb types:

  • Streply\Enum\BreadcrumbType::INFO
  • Streply\Enum\BreadcrumbType::DEBUG
  • Streply\Enum\BreadcrumbType::ERROR
  • Streply\Enum\BreadcrumbType::QUERY

Crumbs are not a separate event type but additional information sent to a previously sent event. For example, suppose we send a log when exporting users. In addition, we want to measure the time of each step in our code. We can use crumbs for this.


use Streply\Enum\BreadcrumbType;


Streply\Breadcrumb(BreadcrumbType::INFO, 'get users from database');
Streply\Breadcrumb(BreadcrumbType::QUERY, $query);


Streply\Breadcrumb(BreadcrumbType::INFO, 'remove wrong emails');


if(true === $error) {
    Streply\Breadcrumb(BreadcrumbType::DEBUG, $errorMessage, [
        'isExternalUser' => true


Streply\Breadcrumb(BreadcrumbType::INFO, 'create excel file');


Streply\Breadcrumb(BreadcrumbType::INFO, 'download');

Thanks to the breadcrumbs, we will have information in the users.export log with loading times for the individual application stages that are important to us.